How you can Help Wetaskiwin SAR

WSAR is currently looking for donations and/or equipment that will enable our team to enhance services to the communities of Alberta. WSAR is responsible for fundraising activities to provide the necessary funds, equipment, and training to fulfill the mission. People helping people.

Financial Support through:

  1. Donation.
  2. Sponsor a Project or Training.
  3. Workplace Giving.
  4. Community Support.
  5. Donate your vehicle.

Besides financial support:

  1. Fuel helps to get to the searching area.
  2. Transporting vehicles. Vans, FWD, Recreational
  3. Mission Clothes. Uniforms.
  4. Tents, Sleeping bags. If is possible a mission can last for more days.
  5. Camp tools. Chain saw, axe, cooking Equipment.
  6. First Aid equipment. Helps to provide first aid if necessary.
  7. Safety Equipment. Helmets, gloves, protective eye wear etc.
  8. GPS, laptop. Search Management. Helps for determining the exact location.
  9. Digital cameras. Event records. Helps to make subject-matters of instruction.

I Support Saving Lives!