How to Join

Want to be a volunteer member?

This page provides you with information to get you started!

Step One: Complete the manual PDF application and send it in by email. Once received it will be reviewed by the team.

Step Two: Once accepted, each member must pay an annual registration fee of twenty dollars.

Step Three: Now that you're a recruit there is specific training that you will be required to complete before you're an active member.

Training Requirements: To be a qualified searcher in Alberta you are required to have the following training:

Additional potential training may include: Basic Mantracking, Wilderness Survival, Map and Compass Use. Continuing education topics will also include: ATV Safety, Evidence Handling, Chainsaw Safety, Lost Person Behaviour, Knot Tying, Urban Searching, GPS Use.

REQUIRED: Participation in Wetaskiwin SAR training, exercises, meetings or actual search/rescue incidents, as with any volunteer organization, is solely based on your availability but is required.