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We are a trained volunteer organization that assists the local RCMP or Emergency Services with ground search and rescue operations in the Wetaskiwin Region. We may be called to search in other areas of Alberta. Search methods include but are not limited to foot, ATV, snowmachines, helicopters and boats. Wetaskiwin Search and Rescue Society is a non-profit organization funded by corporate and private donations, as well as government grants.

This page provides you with information to get you started.

  1. The WSAR office is located in the village of Ma-Me-O Beach on the south end of Pigeon Lake on highway 13A.
  2. Members always sign in and out of SAR functions. It is a requirement for an actual search but is also practiced at meetings and training sessions.
  3. Members should carry a logbook and once issued, your SAR ID tag should be brought to all SAR functions. A logbook is important to document all training and experience that you have received. The ability to prove your SAR identification and qualifications is important to participate in searches.
  4. Members will need to prepare over time, at your own cost, a 24-hr pack. Learn what is important and economical to have in your pack from qualified experienced SAR members, participation in searches and training. Start basic and don't rush to buy it all at once!

Training Requirements: To be a qualified searcher in Alberta you are required to have the following training:

  1. Search and Rescue Basics Fundamentals Course (Emergency Response Institute).
  2. Standard First Aid and Level “C” CPR (or equivalent).
  3. Incident Command System (ICS) 100.  You can find this free online course at Alberta Emergency Management Agency web page (  Look under the 'Plan and Prepare' tab and then go to 'Training' on the right hand page menu.
  4. You must belong to a Search and Rescue group that is a member of Search and Rescue Alberta.
  5. You must complete a Criminal Record Check.

Additional recommended training to ensure proficiency includes: Basic Mantracking , Wilderness Survival, Map and Compass Use.
Continuing education topics will also include: ATV Safety, Evidence Handling, Chainsaw Safety, Lost Person Behaviour, Knot Tying, Urban Searching, GPS Use.

Participation in Wetaskiwin SAR training, exercises, meetings or actual search/rescue incidents, as with any volunteer organization, is solely based on your availability.

Steps to Complete When Joining WSAR:

  1. Complete the membership form (includes providing telephone numbers you use for search call out contact).
  2. Pay the $20 membership yearly fee. Memberships follow the calendar year (Jan 01 to Dec 31).             
Printable brochure with more WSAR Information is linked here.


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